Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Family,
This morning me,my district and my zone leaders had the opportunity to go to The Players (PGA Tour). It was huge, we went during a training session. Not many famous people were out I didnt see Tiger Woods or anything like that. I did get an autograph from K.J. Choi. We were at Sawgrass (if you want to look it up). But the first of May, the humidity hit. I hate it, every time I walk outside I feel a blanket of humidity hit me. As for calling you guys just be ready whenever. I know there is a two hour difference it will most likely be after church or something for you guys. Also please let Sis Hansen know that I sent Greg a letter and I have emailed him, I have gotten no responses back or anything. Tell her I want Michael Lohmons email address. I need to talk to that kid. But let her know that I have tried on my part to contact him. So last week me and my companion both did some discussions about each other and we both found out the root of our problem is pride, (his was pride of anger). So right now I am trying my best to be as humble as possible so that we can work in unity and have the spirit with us more. Ohh yeah I almost forgot I sent a package to you guys this morning it has some pictures on a disk and a mothers day card. Please be on the lookout for that this week. Also on Sunday a couple of elders in my district got to go and baptize two people in the Atlantic Ocean. Its a neat experience to watch. Hopefully I can do that soon. We might have two forsure people first guy his name is Greg who has been taking missionary discussions in Hawaii and had just moved down to Florida. Hopefully we can get him into the water. Also there is this other fellow . After sacrament meeting a member (wife) came and told me they were new to the ward. I found out that the husband was baptist and how he wanted to become mormon. So I am going to go teach the discussions to him on Tuesday. Like I have said this week has been hot, and its not even July or August (Those are the worst months) Yesterday as well I fasted for you three to be healed. As for Noah, BE OBEDIENT to Sis Benhke as well as to Mom and Dad. I am just suprised by how fast this month has gone by, it was slow at times but other times it was super fast. Hopefully the summer months will fly by. Unfortunaltey I am on a time crunch here at the Library please tell Nancy and Mark I will email them next week. Also transfers are coming up, I might be staying in the beaches I might be leaving. I talked to one of my zone leaders, he believes that I will stay in the beaches area for another transfer. But thats his opinion. I cant wait to talk to you guys next Sunday. Make sure to watch the phone. Love you guys.
-Elder Bezzant

(attached photos of him in Florida!)

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