Monday, April 19, 2010

The first letter!

Hey family!!!,
I  miss you all so much!! I am having so much fun here at the MTC, it is so spiritual here and I have the opportunity to feel it every day. Anyways I am in a trio companionship, there is Elder Fergus who is from Oregon, and Elder Coulter from Canada. They are the best companions ever (even though this is my first companionship). I also have a really fun district, it composes of my trio, and also a trio of sisters. This small of a district is really rare here at the MTC apparently. Anyways I found out my departure date, I leave on March 31st. Possibly on saturday i should get my flight arrangements but i will let you know next Tuesday (Pday).  Also send me letters, with Dear, I got one from Sister Benke as well as from Dad. So let members of Spring Gulch know cause I love getting letters. Here is my missionary address for now.
Elder Christian Eugene Bezzant
MTC Mailbox #199
FL-JAK 0331
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793
The food here is really good I am trying to eat healthier, like salads and stuff. And I try to run at least a mile each time on the track during gym each day. I can see the difference. Also i try doing some of the P90X workouts as well. Right now, ive pretty much got the first discussion down but Im going to start the 2nd discussion soon. I have also practiced doing lessons with investigators (you cant tell if they are members or not). But im having success with it.  I also ran into Andrew Olaughlin here and I ran into a buddy from BYUI. But i will let you know whats happening this week. So I will talk to you next Tuesday in the morning perhaps, and hope everyone is doing well. Love you guys!!!
Love, Elder Bezzant

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