Monday, April 19, 2010

In Jacksonville, Florida!

Hey family,
Well im here in Jacksonville Florida. Its really beautiful and really hot.Here is the address San Pablo Rd. South #402 Jacksonville Florida 32224. Anyways i got transferred to the beaches of Jacksonville Florida unfortunately i cant see the ocean or anything like that. I wish i could, but actually after i write this email i am heading out to the beach to throw around the football for a bit. So im pretty happy about that. I also got a bike its shiny red and all that. My companion is a Canadian his name is Elder Engele he has been on the mission since last August. And he is a awesome trainer to me. So we live in an apartment with two other Spanish speaking elders. We have mattresses laid in the main room and we and all sleep in there its gets a little hot every now and then but we cant sleep anywhere else because our apartment is so tiny. We also have a little bit of a cockcroach problem and i have ran into a few of them. i have also gone tracting with my companion we have walked around in some nice upper-middle class homes. We also gone into a trailer park and have tracted around there as well while in there we ran into two southern baptists but they were nice enough to tell us to get out. Someone in the upper middle class homes threatened us that he was going to call the cops... he never did. Im getting used to walking/ biking around i still dont know alot to say to people when i am at the door but im working on it. Unfortunately we are in a tough area where there was only one baptism done last transfer. But me and my companion are trying as hard as we can to find someone. Yesterday (Easter Sunday) we watched General Conference at the church. Then a very nice family invited me and a few other missionaries in our church to a sunday dinner. Delicious!! They had these chocolate bowls that had this thick white mousse in it mixed with carmelized bananas they were a nice family to us. my pday is on a monday instead of a tuesday, so keep that in mind for the next 24 months. Well i have been told that i came in at a good time, where its basically like colorado weather, but once summer hits its going to be above 100 degrees plus humidity i am not looking forward to that. I am really hoping i get a baptism soon because im so eager to help someone learn about the gosepel. Sorry i keep jumping around the place, there is something going on with this computer that i am on in the library. Jacksonville is really beautiful alot more trees than i suspected. And for some reason i feel like i am in vegas because the water tastes the same and its hot as well. President newman is really friendly and his wife is as well. Like i said in my letter we had a delicious dinner with them. So how is everyone doing while i am away? I want to know whats going on? Well thats the update on me I am doing awesome here and i am working on my tan as well. I love you guys and i will talk with you guys next week. P.S. PLEASE SEND ME SOME RECENT FAMILY PHOTOS.
-ELDER Bezzant

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